Kyle Christy

Product Description

I’ve been racing 5th Scales for about 4 years with my Dad. This year my 8 year old son started racing 5th Scale. It is awesome to have 3 generations racing together. We race the HPI 5t and looking forward to moving into the 4wd world. I am lucky to drive for one of the best truck owners around. My next planned races are the last Team Chase race, Dirt Nitro Challenge and the East Coast Nationals. While doing all this I also race other scales, mostly 10th scale on road/oval.

My racing highlights:

  • 2WD Expert Truck  placing 3rd in the Ashley Cup in 2013
  • 2nd in the Ashley Cup in 2014
  • 2nd in the Dirt Nitro Challenge 2014
  • 2014:  1st in the Hitec Trophy Chase
  • 2013:  1st in the AKA Spring Point Series Race
  • National Champion at the HPI Baja Nationals in 2012.

I am looking forward to race with the best of the best for one of the best teams, Team OBR/TR! I am proud to be a part of the racing community.  We are surrounded by amazing people.  I am always happy to help anyone in need! See ya at the track!

Kyle Christy