Kurtis Greer

Product Description

I had my first race in 2012 at the West Coast Large Scale Nat’s, one of the first races Larry Cross had at his new track after he had moved from Milestone. I had been around the large scale seen for a while before that, my first fifth scale was a Duratrx Firehammer, and as the HPI Baja became to be more and more popular, me, my brother, and my father acquired a few..7 to be exact. We were mainly into the bash and Glamis running styles, but as time went on and I met a few of the great people and manufactures of aftermarket parts, we decided to go into the race seen.

I’ve placed 2nd and 3rd with my Baja 5SC in multiple local track races, as time goes on I’ve tuned my car in but I’m still trying to find that “sweet spot” for the perfect race set up. My pops and I have talked about moving the 4×4 side of the sport but for now we are sticking to our

bajas. When I’m not racing I’m going to school to be a computer and server technical administrator, going motor cycle riding, Shooting high powered guns, and helping my pops work on off-road drills, crushers, pretty much anything that has to do with moving dirt or cutting through rock. After a long day of doing whatever we usually grab a bite to eat anywhere that serves awesome food!

On the other note, none of this would be possible without my pops and my main sponsor Greer Racing Incorporated.