Jason Stach

Product Description

I had my first 5th scale race in 2011 with an HPI baja 5SC at Shreadheads Bajacross. I met a lot of cool people and had a blast racing.Killed 4 spur gears in that race. I realized what great people are in 5th scale and loved the racing. That’s where it all started for me.Now I race a Losi 2wd Truck,  Losi 4wd Truck and Losi 4wd buggy. My favorite track is Nitrochallenge 2012, and My favorite event is Ashley cup.

Racing career highlights are:  Just this year I completed my goal of getting a National  Pro podium spot in in all three classes. 1st place Pro buggy in 2013, 2nd place Pro 2wd, 2013, and 3rd place Pro 4wd truck 2014. Other highlights include, 1st place Pro 2wd at Ashley Cup 2014.1st place and TQ pro 2wd truck and 2nd place pro 4wd buggy NitroChallenge 2014.  Team Chase Series 2013 2nd place pro 2wd truck. Team Chase Series 2013 3rd place pro 4wd open wheel.  In 2012 I won 1st place Pro 4wd truck in the Norcal vs Socal California cup race and Our Socal Team won the California cup. Also 2012, 1st place NitroChallenge open 4wd truck. It was my first race with the Losi 5ive-T.  My Goals are to keep racing, having fun with my fellow racers and team mates, supporting 5th scale by helping out newer guys, and to always go for the podium! My biggest rival would be Chris Higa. We always battle cleanly and I have much respect for him.

Personal interests outside RC are Scuba Diving, Paddle boarding and Buffalo wild wings with my Bro.