Derrell Willson

Product Description

I come from a humble background when it comes to the 1/5th scale scene.  I started in 2009 when my buddy Burt took me out to Dunetoberfest.  While there, I ran into the O’Neill Brothers Racing family along with Turtle Racing Dave and Phatdad Racing Tom.  Being a Harley Rider, me and father O’Neill hit it off and from then on, I’ve not only forged a professional relationship but also a personal relationship with the entire OBR family!  Just bashing and helping others keep their rigs going was all I was focused on.  I simply enjoyed the comradery the 1/5th scale scene had.  Made the trip out to Phatdad’s  place for some fun bashing on the Phat Track.  Made it out to my first West Coast Nationals race in 2011 where I took 3rd in 2wd Buggy Sportsman and 2nd in 2wd Truck Sportsman.  After that, I was hooked on racing.  Picked up a few sponsors along the way and have been dominating every chance I have on the tracks.  Living in Tehachapi, CA I’ve traveled down to San Diego, Ca and all the way up to Sacramento and San Francisco for demonstrations and racing.  My most memorable accomplishments are the POW/MIA/KIA build as well as the military appreciation give-a-way build.  Both supported by ORB, Turtle Racing and Phatdad Racing among others.  Most recent accomplishments are winning back to back expert 2wd Buggy West Coast National titles – 2013 and 2014.   Foremost I enjoy giving O’Neill Brothers Racing, and my other sponsors, a good name by helping newer drivers while out at the tracks and on various forums.  I thrive for sportsmanship and challenges both on and off the track.  While off the track, I’m honored to be serving as an Active Duty Air Force member and enjoy my family as well as riding my Harley Davidson.  I can’t end without thanking my wife Theresa and my 3 daughters that have supported me along the way!

National Titles:

  • 2011 – West Coast Nationals: 3rd in 2wd Sportsman Buggy
  • 2011 – West Coast Nationals: 2nd in 2wd Sportsman Truck
  • 2012 – West Coast Nationals: 2nd in 2wd Expert Buggy
  • 2013 – West Coast Nationals: 1st in 2wd Expert Buggy
  • 2014 – West Coast Nationals: 1st in 2wd Expert Buggy

Regional Accomplishments:

  • 2012 – 101 Raceway, San Francisco: 3rd in 4wd Sportsman Truck
  • 2013 – Ashley Cup Race: 3rd in 2wd Expert Buggy
  • 2013 – CVRC Spring Point Series: 3rd in 2wd Expert Buggy

Notable Accomplishments:

  • 2012 – Norcal vs Socal California cup race at 101 Raceway: Our Socal Team won the California cup
  • 2012 – Driving the POW/MIA/KIA build during Sacramento’s Monsterjam Halftime Show

Derrell Willson