Dan Silagy

Product Description

Before working at OBR I never even own a Rc car or knew how awesome they where. I have always been a mechanic and mechanist by traded and had hopes to work for Ford racing.  Well that changed. In 2006 I was employed by Sean Oneill ( owner of OBR ) to be his right hand man. To help grow the company and make a name for us in the rc world. At first I was a green horn. I couldn’t even drive a rc car and was banned from driving the shop cars due to my lack of experience with them. For a while I stayed in the shop modding engines and and coming up with new machining techniques for our porting. When the 1/5 scale racing started up in 2007 I was the pit man. Working on racers cars to keep them on the track , working on the shop cars for big race days, getting gear and supplies ready for big trips and of course watching everyone else having all the fun.. After about 3 years of that I decided to get own car. An hpi 5b ss. i built it out of a 1/2 of a kit and bought the rest of the parts with my own money. At first the other drivers didn’t take me serious but over time they saw of determined i was to be at there level and started taking me under there wing. Guys like Rodney Ketchem and Dave Groon, Moto and Dave bowman help me get to where i am now. With there guidance and patience i am now one of the top 2wd buggy drivers in the nation and now taking on my new 4wd ( losi DBXL ) for a new challenges. My job here at OBR puts me in a good spot for a number of different reasons. i develop new and more powerful engines for the 1/5 scale world, help with designing parts to improve the many different types cars, and now manage a race team! The best thing to me are the people. i get to meet so many awesome people and have made life long friendship with most of them.  i don’t have any rivals… Yet but i am hoping for one!! IM not just a off road track guy. i have raced oval, drags and my favorite sand dunes racing. i got some skills. on my off time i love fishing, playing my bass guitar  and hang out with my buds but racing is in my blood.


Off- Road Track

  • 2012- 3rd place -2wd buggy
  • 2012- 3rd place phatdad cross -2wd buggy
  • 2013- 2nd place (over all)  AKA spring points series race – 2wd buggy
  • 2013- 1st place Ashley cup -2wd buggy
  • 2013- 2nd place Race for the cure -2wd buggy
  • 2014- 1st place Ashley cup -2wd buggy
  • 2014- 1st place Team chase “Corrs” points series race- 2wd buggy


  • 2013- dunetober fest- fastest in the Sand! title
  • 2013- dunetoberdest- 30.5cc over class title