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  • Dan Silagy

    Dan Silagy

    Before working at OBR I never even own a Rc car or knew how awesome they where. I have always been a mechanic and mechanist by traded and had hopes to work for Ford racing.  Well that changed. In 2006 I was employed by Sean Oneill ( owner of OBR ) to be his right […]

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  • Brian Schapiro

    Brian Schapiro

    I am a SoCal local.  I have been into 1/5 scale radio control cars for 6 years. The past 4 years I have been running top speed challenges for O’Neill Brothers Racing And Turtle Racing Products.  One year ago I was invited by OBR  to a local 1/5 scale off road test and tune session. […]

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  • Derrell Willson

    Derrell Willson

    I come from a humble background when it comes to the 1/5th scale scene.  I started in 2009 when my buddy Burt took me out to Dunetoberfest.  While there, I ran into the O’Neill Brothers Racing family along with Turtle Racing Dave and Phatdad Racing Tom.  Being a Harley Rider, me and father O’Neill hit […]

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  • Kyle Christy

    Kyle Christy

    I’ve been racing 5th Scales for about 4 years with my Dad. This year my 8 year old son started racing 5th Scale. It is awesome to have 3 generations racing together. We race the HPI 5t and looking forward to moving into the 4wd world. I am lucky to drive for one of the […]

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  • Jason Stach

    Jason Stach

    I had my first 5th scale race in 2011 with an HPI baja 5SC at Shreadheads Bajacross. I met a lot of cool people and had a blast racing.Killed 4 spur gears in that race. I realized what great people are in 5th scale and loved the racing. That’s where it all started for me.Now […]

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  • Kurtis Greer

    Kurtis Greer

    I had my first race in 2012 at the West Coast Large Scale Nat’s, one of the first races Larry Cross had at his new track after he had moved from Milestone. I had been around the large scale seen for a while before that, my first fifth scale was a Duratrx Firehammer, and as […]

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  • Neil Pestka

    Neil Pestka

    Hi I’m Neil Pestka I have been into racing rc cars since 1987. I went to the hobby shop and bought a 1/12 on road car and was told they hold races at a local place on Sundays. I got the information and went home to start the build. Sunday morning I packed up my […]

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