V2 Pull Start

Product code: TURV2026

Product Description

Completely New design, using a “dog” drive system. No more “pawl/screw” design.

Handle exit direction rotatable every 22.5 degree-You can point the handle in the direction you want so it will fit your application and your needs. Three Finger Handle & “Cushion” start to help start big compression motors. This new design greatly reduces the “feel” of compression.

Handle designed by Team Chase. TR has replaced the rope with a very tough cable. Several cable designs were tested, finally coming up with the best option. This cable is 36” long, longer than your stock rope or any cable on the market.

TR had to have a special recoil spring made because of the long cable. The V2 is fully rebuildable, all internals are available. Everything inside can be replaced so this will be the last pull start you will need. Aluminum Spool with double Team FastEddy ball bearings. One of the big problems we’ve encountered with V1 and stock pull starts is the plastic spool breaking.

If you try to put one extra preload turn on the recoil spring it will break the plastic spool. We put a longer, wider, stronger recoil spring on V2 so an Aluminum spool had to be made to handle the extra stress. The spool has a channel so the cable routes through it in the direction of wind, no more 90 degree bend at the spool, nice smooth transition, no binding.

All Springs custom made in USA. Recoil spring-wider & stronger. TR had the ends of the recoil spring doubled layered to reduce breaking and un-bending.

Fits all 1/4,1/5,1/6 scale, CY/Zen, HPI Baja (all), Losi, MCD,FG, RedCat, boats/planes.

  • Made in USA with quality and pride.
  • 6061 Billet Aluminum CNC machined in house by Turtle Racing.

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