Turtle Racing Snapper Clutch

Product Description

Product Code 3001 & 3002

Turtle Racing Snapper Clutch.  We have designed a High Performance disc style clutch for 1/5 scale RC. There’s a very good reason your full size car doesn’t have drum clutch or drum brakes, nothing works as good as Discs.

  • The slippage is very minimal eliminating heat, no more clutch fade on your Losi 5ive or other high performance application.
  • Another bonus is the adjust-ability, out of the package you can adjust the engagement RPM, but with our optional tuning package you will have a huge range of adjustments. Three additional spring rates and three different weights in the tuning kit will change RPM and the severity of the bite.
  • There is a “long” base 3001 that is for standard small block Zen/CY engines and engines with no seal in the clutch housing.
  • The “short” base 3002 is for G320/G340, Zen/CY with OBR second clutch bearing, sealed clutch housing motors.

You will need to purchase the Snapper Basket to fit your application.

Made in the USA.

All products are subject to change without notice.


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