Losi DBXL Products

Products for the Losi DBXL buggy.

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Products list

  • Turtle Racing Losi DBXL Billet Clutch Bell Carrier

    Product code: TUR-L0009 This is the Turtle Racing Billet Clutch Bell Carrier for the Losi DBXL. Replace your weak plastic clutch bell carrier with our One Piece Turtle Racing DBXL Clutch Bell Carrier. We have eliminated the 4 separate posts to make install MUCH easier. Our carrier is one piece Billet, CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum […]

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  • Turtle Racing Clutch Bell for Losi DBXL

    Product code: TUR-L0011 Turtle Racing Billet Clutch Bell for Losi DBXL The Turtle Racing Grabber Bell is made from 1pc Billet Steel. The cooling benefits are huge and the strength of the bell is maintained, not cut away, all while providing light weight, low rotating mass. The grooves right in the contact surface add cooling, […]

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  • Turtle Racing Losi DBXL Billet Motor Mount

    Product code: TUR-L0008 The Turtle Racing-Losi DBXL Billet Motor Mount is certified 6061 CNC machined in the USA. Your DBXL motor is mounted using plastic mounts front and rear. The Turtle Racing Billet Motor Mount will strengthen your motor mounting at the fan housing by replacing the weak plastic motor mount. Works with CY and […]

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