Turtle Racing RidgeBack A-arms

Product Description

Turtle Racing Losi 5ive RidgeBack Rear A-Arms

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Introducing Turtle Racing’s RidgeBack A-Arms for the Losi 5ive. The RidgeBack A-Arms are CNC machined from Billet Plastic, not injection molded to shape. The type of plastic the Ridgebacks are made of is tried and proven material for A-Arms, very tough but still flexible. These arms will not bow from the weight of the vehicle so you do not “have” to store your Losi off the wheels to make the arms last longer. We have provided 2 more shock mount locations on the RidgeBacks. We have also made them adjustable front to back to allow you to adjust track length on your 5ive. We have included shims to adjust length that can be moved easily without any disassembly, snap them off and on as you like.

The RidgeBacks are “cleared” for aftermarket boots. *I do not guarantee your boots will clear, we provided clearance, you might have to grind more to accommodate set-up.*


Flat RidgeBack arms are similar to stock A-Arms with no drop.

Drop RidgeBacks Angle down at the hub to provide more ground clearance and improve traction in rough terrain and corners.3081-1 3081-23071-2 3071-1 0061