Race Edition HD Clutch System For The HPI Baja

Product code: TUR0015

Product Description

The Race Edition comes complete with Open Carrier, Bell, gear plate, pinion gear, hardware and bearings. This has the Large Bell Bearings, Huge M6 pinion screw, all the benefits of the original HD Clutch System, just with an open carrier. If you do not drive in any sand and like to be able to quickly access your clutch, this would be your choice. Since the motor mount is not incorporated into the carrier, it allows quick clutch access, “easy on & off”.

This open-carrier edition of the clutch system is recommended for those that do not run in sand, and want easy access to your clutch.

For those that already have our original HD Clutch System, we will offer the open carrier separately so you can use your clutch system either way. If you are going to drive in the sand, throw your enclosed carrier on, going racing or bashing, throw on the open carrier. Proudly made in the USA!

The open carrier and Race Edition System is available in Raw, Orange and Gun Metal.

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