HD Quick Diff For The Baja

Product code: TUR0016

Product Description

This is not a carbon copy of the stock trans. It is made from 6061 Billet Aluminum so not only does it cure the exploding trans problem, but now you can remove/maintain your diff in a fraction of the time without removing the Transmission! This Transmission greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to remove/install your diff because you no longer need to remove the gear plate, spur, brakes, trans plate, trans, rear shock towers, rear shock brace, upper A-arms and in most cases, you don’t have to remove the PIPE!! Remove the rear bulkhead and pull the diff!!

This transmission weighs in at 8.5ounces and we have shaved all the fat off.
There will be no more flex in the trans, no matter the heat or Horsepower. Gears will stay at a constant mesh all the time. This will help the trans gears last longer.

Think of the possibility! I used to keep several complete transmissions with different diffs installed in them with different weight oils for different conditions, and let’s face it, as a back-up. Now, I only keep diffs! And I can change them out quickly as needed. We’ve been testing a prototype version and it’s been better than I expected.

We also drilled and tapped into the boss that goes into the trans plate so you can actually screw the Transmission to the trans plate making that ALOT more secure. By the way, no more breaking the boss off the top of the Transmission!


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