V2 HD Racing Clutch System Hpi Baja

Product code: TURV0012-RW

Product Description

New Cooling fins- Runs average of 60% cooler than ANY carrier. Lower temps will provide increased clutch shoe and bearing life. Vented to allow hot gasses and dust to escape, this prevents gasses and dust from being forced into crank bearings and no dirt gets in.

Trans plate mount and carrier are now separate, this makes carrier easy on-off for maintenance of clutch or bearings. As easy to access as an open carrier. They are a perfect match with each other so no dirt can enter the clutch area. V2 1pc Gear Plate – TR were first to make them, and are the first to Improve them.

They added a boss to the gear plate on the backside/ where the front hole mounts to carrier to increase increased strength around the mounting hole. Gear Cover “screw on” mounts built in-no more plastic pins/hard to get at clips. Throw your plastic pins away and forget about them.

No more lost gear covers, no more breaking plastic pins. Tabs on back of V2 Gear Plate stop gear cover from being pushed against spur gear.
Made in USA with quality and pride. 6061 Billet Aluminum CNC machined in house by Turtle Racing.


  • V2 Enclosed Carrier
  • V2-1pc Gear Plate
  • Trans Plate mount, 1pc
  • Clutch Bell
  • Team FastEddy Bearings
  • Hardware


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