Company Overview

Turtle Racing is a small family owned and operated American business. We do not outsource our products, they really are made by us. We feel this gives you the customer the confidence of knowing that we care and that we really do take pride in our products.

Turtle Racing

You will also notice that we are available to you, if you have a concern or question, you can Contact Us for personal assistance.

Turtle Racing was founded because we saw a need for good quality products for the HPI Baja, we actually own them, drive them and beat them silly! Most of our products came from our own personal Baja adventures and mishaps. When we see a need, we try our best to fill it with a good balance of strength, weight considerations and style.

Stay tuned, we will definitely not be limited to the HPI Baja, we are currently expanding our stable of 1/5 scales and will do the same with product lines when the need arises.

Turtle Racing takes pride in there craftsmanship and stands behind there products, for specific Warranty info.