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Question for all my machinist friends out there, do you have any experience with Okuma turning centers? We are trying to purchase a turning center with sub spindle and live tooling, OKuma and Mazaks are the 2 machines we are trying to decide between. I have zero knowledge of the Okumas. ... See MoreSee Less

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Here's some info on the optional Tuning Kit and some answers to questions that keep popping up repeatedly
I have quoted this statement before, it seems simple enough. Maybe I need to reword it? Please tell me if it's not clear, sometimes when you write something it makes sense in your head, but no one else.
“If you have a high horsepower motor I suggest
purchasing the optional tuning kit, you will
need it for optimal clutch life.”

Optimal clutch life, does not say it will not work with a high HP motor. The 8hp rating on as packaged means anything over 8hp will tend to wear clutch quicker without using higher number weights. But, ALL clutches wear, no matter what. That's what clutches do.

“The Snapper clutch as packaged is good for up
to 8hp and will engage around 6500 RPM. “

I will try to reword this I guess, it is not meant to say the clutch will not work on a motor over 8hp. Keep in mind, the application matters. Do you have a light 2wd? Then more HP is fine. Do you have a heavy 4wd? Then you need weights that grab harder and have more leverage.

You can run the clutch out of the package with any engine you want and it will work. The tuning kit is just that, tuning your clutch to work with your application. I have said, and everyone that has tested the clutch has made it very clear that this clutch engages like no other. Someone even thought it was funny that I said this clutch engaging at 6500rpm is not like any other clutch engaging at 6500RPM. With this clutch, you should not be looking at engagement RPM when tuning, you should be driving your vehicle and tuning for how you want your vehicle to react. The 6500 RPM as packaged is your starting guideline.

Here's a guideline for the tuning kit and how each part of it works, but I will not give engagement RPMs for any further changes, there are several combinations available with the tuning kit, some we have not even begun to explore and I haven't even mentioned to the guys testing the clutches. I wanted to get through the basics first.
The clutch as packaged comes with #1 weights and .050 springs (uncolored/raw).
The tuning kit includes:
.047 Black Springs (Lower engagement than packaged clutch)
.054 Green Springs (Higher engagement than packaged clutch)
.058 Gold Springs (Highest engagement)
#2 Weights=slightly more holding leverage than #1-might grab faster/may change engagement RPM-alters the "feel"
#3 Weights=more holding leverage than #1 and #2-good for higher HP/ engagement RPM changes-can still be used on lower HP motors to alter the "feel"
#4 Weights=most holding leverage of all-good for higher HP most severe conditions/ engagement RPM changes-can still be used on lower HP motors to alter "feel"

Something VERY important to remember here, all 4 weights actually weigh exactly the same. #4 weighs the same as #1. We did not alter the weights by changing how much they weigh; I went to physics school big time on this. I changed the shape of the weight to get different affects. Changing the amount that the weight- weighs, would only change engagement RPM (and could greatly reduce holding power/leverage). We use different size springs to change RPM. So please, NEVER modify your weights!

So, there is no simple, "this is what you use". I cannot just tell you what to use, this clutch is highly tune able and your application is your application, everyone's is unique. We tested all kinds of combinations and they all reacted differently, a #2 weight did something different from one motor and vehicle to another.

You can run any weight with any spring, including the springs and weights that come in the clutch, so now do the math, there are your available combinations. #4 weight with a black spring? Can't tell you what RPM it will engage at but I can tell you it will be a low RPM but hold very good.

I will tell you part of the fun will be figuring out what you like and seeing the differences when you make changes. If you are a racer, if you do your homework and testing, you will go to a track and know exactly which combo you want to run for the track.

Now, all of this rambling, please don't think this is too complex, it's not. Chances are, you will love it as packaged and be perfectly happy. That is why I packaged it as I did, to satisfy the majority of users and you don't have to spend more than you need to. But if you want options, I just threw a ton of them at you and the good news, as testing continues, I will blow your mind at the options we haven't touched off on!! :)
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Question for all my machinist friends out there, do you have any experience with Okuma turning centers? We are...
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Click on; Tuning Kit Description
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Here's some info on the optional Tuning Kit and some answers to questions that keep popping up repeatedly . I...
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